The William K. Warren Foundation was created in 1945. The Warren Foundation established Saint Francis Hospital in 1959 and Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in 1989. Today, the Saint Francis Health System and medical research remain the primary recipients of Warren Foundation grants. In addition, through the generosity and vision of William K. and Natalie O. Warren, the Warren Foundation provides financial assistance in support of worthy charitable, scientific, Catholic, and health programs dedicated to improving the quality of life. The Warren Foundation primarily limits its grants to non-profit organizations in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.


To seek funding from us, please read the guidelines carefully. Our guidelines have been established to help us in the decision-making process. Due to the great volume of grant requests we receive, we are unable to review requests that do not conform to these guidelines.

Grant Restrictions

The Warren Foundation follows general prohibitions to assure proper and equitable use of the Warren Foundationís funds. These prohibitions are in keeping with its policies and purposes and assure that allocation of such funds is made within the limits of its financial resources.

Support for certain programs is not to be interpreted as a judgment of the merits of those that do not receive funds. Rather it is a reflection of the Warren Foundationís belief that adherence to its guidelines, which are regularly reviewed, leads to the most effective use of its limited resources.

The Warren Foundation is sensitive to changes in community issues and attitudes. Within the limits of its resources, the Warren Foundation addresses the needs that arise from the emergence of new and different social issues to maintain a balance between innovation and maintenance of ongoing programs.

This statement of policy sets forth the current views of the Warren Foundation with respect to the best use of its assets. It may be revoked or amended in any respect for any reason, and there can be no assurance that it necessarily represents future policies or activities of the Warren Foundation.