About Us

William Kelly Warren
& Natalie Overall Warren

The William K. Warren Foundation

(“Foundation”) was created in 1945 by Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Warren.

The Foundation established Saint Francis Hospital in 1960 and Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in 1989. Today, those two hospitals as well as Saint Francis Hospital South, Saint Francis Hospital Muskogee, Saint Francis Hospital Muskogee East, Saint Francis Hospital Vinita, Saint Francis Heart Hospital, The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, and Warren Clinic comprise the Saint Francis Health System. The goal of the Foundation has been to provide the finest possible medical care available to all patients utilizing Saint Francis Health System, and to this end, it annually supports various medical programs. In addition to the hospitals and clinics, the Foundation created The William K. Warren Medical Research Center in 1973 that provides funds to medical investigators who participate in advanced medical research and creates environments that allow for the best possible delivery of care.

Today, the Saint Francis Health System and medical research remain the primary recipients of the Foundation’s grants.

In addition, through the generosity and vision of William Kelly and Natalie Overall Warren, the Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations primarily located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area in support of worthy charitable, scientific, Catholic, and health programs dedicated to improving the quality of life for humankind.

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