Our WorkNo act of benevolence toward one’s fellow man, however, small, is ever completely wasted

Catholic Initiatives

The William K. Warren Foundation (“Foundation”)

was formed with Christian underpinnings and values. It has been a philanthropy sprung out of love for humanity. The founders, William Kelly Warren, a devout Catholic, and Natalie Overall Warren, an equally devout Methodist, supported many faith-based initiatives. However, the Catholic initiatives have always received the most emphasis. As a true philanthropy, the hope is to improve the human condition on earth as a response and in thanksgiving to God. The Catholic initiatives supported by the Foundation are most often around Catholic education, including local elementary and secondary schools and universities; local ministries; and the local Diocese.

The Foundation’s employees and those of the entities it supports come from many faiths and no faith at all. But all share many common values, at the heart of which is service to others. Other critical, shared values include human dignity, integrity, stewardship, excellence, justice and solidarity with the whole community, especially the poor.

The Foundation

also supports other northeast Oklahoma organizations that directly improve wellness and provide care.

There is particular interest in organizations with proven strategies to better prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness.

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